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International Operating Engineer - Winter 2017

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Local 018 Cleveland, OH

Local 018 Cleveland, OH Rollin F. Bullinger David L. Dubois Joe Patten Local 037 Baltimore, MD George J. Deal Local 049 Minneapolis, MN Robert W. Eshleman Marvin Herwig Roy Mackey Local 057 Johnston, RI Edward J. Imperatore Local 066 Pittsburgh, PA Clifford E. Black Mario Depasquale Ray R. Harris Howard Neal Edward Schrello Eldon Shonce Fred Stefan Local 068 West Caldwell, NJ George Cerefice Anthony Iannelli Local 098 East Longmeadow, MA David E. Clancy Local 115 Burnaby, BC Roy Anderson Richard C. Byers Luciano Crema John Kleine William C. Mcnab Kenneth N. Mitchell Gordon R. Palliser Frank W. Warren 24 Local 123 Welch, OK Evi A. Long Local 132 Charleston, WV Lewis S. Keith Local 138 Farmingdale, NY Warren Madden George Zimmerman Local 139 Pewaukee, WI Robert D. King Edwin Rieder Alton G. Steinke Robert Uphoff Jerry P. Williams Richard Witt Local 150 Countryside, IL Thomas H. Anderson Albert Giannini Rolland A. Goin David T. Matteson Larry D. Molck Eugene C. Peters Paul L. Wood Peter Zandstra Local 158 Glenmont, NY John W. Pacholyk Royal Phillips Carl T. Roberts Charles Ross Local 181 Henderson, KY Hughie E. Harlan James H. Seay Local 234 Des Moines, IA Raymond C. Grant Bob Heckart Local 275 Vinton, IA Robert J. Mcaleer Local 302 Bothell, WA Frank M. Carroll Robert E. Hopson Charles R. Houtchens Quenten Rathbone Robert R. Richter Milton M. Winkler Local 310 Green Bay, WI Wilbert J. Lindstrom James White Local 324 Bloomfield Township, MI Charles R. Delicato Arnold W. Griese Alvin Hogan Darnell Workman Local 347 J .D. Tuorila Local 351 Borger, TX F .R. Maxwell Local 406 New Orleans, LA Joseph Scaffidi Local 501 Los Angeles, CA Eugene Bartholomew Edwin Lawyer Johnny B. Pisanis Local 513 Bridgeton, MO William D. Dawkins Leslie L. Surface Local 520 Granite City, IL Robert Bechtoldt INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER Local 542 Fort Washington, PA Eugene Dinnocenti Local 564 Richwood, TX H .L. Wooster Local 612 Tacoma, WA Don G. Johnson Russell E. Nelson Harvey C. Schneider Knute A. Witt Local 624 Richland, MS Henry Scroggins Local 627 Tulsa, OK C .D. Stone Local 701 Gladstone, OR Noel Branscome Richard Cody Local 825 Springfield, NJ George G. Alala Harold Everton George J. Hoffman Joseph Savalli Local 835 Drexel Hill, PA Andrew A. Gallagher James Isaac Local 891 Brooklyn, NY George J. Smith Local 926 Rex, GA Billy Cochran Jack L. Wolfe Local 965 Springfield, IL William S. Lamb November 2016 Local 009 Denver, CO Gerald L. Foster Thomas Ihle Donald F. Peterson Jack F. Richmond Donald D. Williamson Local 012 Pasadena, CA Donald Alpert Louis M. Balatoni Robert Cameron Lawrence D. Dahlke Robert M. Ewart Dean Guern Jerry Josephson Robert Shower Patrick Stubbings Local 015 Long Island city, NY Philip J. Franzese William G. Larkin Local 018 Cleveland, OH Floyd A. Brown Sylvester Scott Arthur Williams jr Local 025 Millstone Township, NJ Harry T. Bowie Local 030 Whitestone, NY Charles T. Petrie Local 049 Minneapolis, MN Orlando G. Fiorini Paul Sahli Local 066 Pittsburgh, PA James R. Cunningham Andrew C. Dipaolo Joseph C. Kulesa William R. Schaffer David E. Slates James C. Smith Local 098 East Longmeadow, MA Edward K. Puffer Local 115 Burnaby, BC James D. Glennie Local 138 Farmingdale, NY Gene Sullivan Local 139 Pewaukee, WI John Artus Frank J. Mc carthy Richard J. Saunders Ervin G. Scheets Local 147 Norfolk, VA Jesse P. Summerford Local 150 Countryside, IL Eugene D. Allen Ralph L. Burdette John P. Durfee Henry Garbacz Everett E. Gonterman James A. Gorman Wilbur Hossbach Glen L. Nelson David Steffens Thomas F. Webber Andrew D. Willis Local 158 Glenmont, NY Nathan W. Gallow jr Local 181 Henderson, KY Fred Blanton Robert R. Wampler Local 283 Chester M. Echelbarger Local 302 Bothell, WA Douglas M. Hall James C. Hefty Ralph O. Martin Hedley V. Parsons James S. Robertson Local 312 Birmingham, AL Robert H. Dodson Local 324 Bloomfield Township, MI William R. Firman Robert Rang David Risner Robert J. Whitney Willard Wooster Local 347 Dale E. Weiland Local 351 Borger, TX W .J. Whitten Local 406 New Orleans, LA Donald C. Schiro Local 428 Phoenix, AZ Charles E. Brunson Robert L. Clark jr Roger D. Follett Maynard G. Goodman Max L. Martin Local 501 Los Angeles, CA Dean F. Giles Local 513 Bridgeton, MO Charles H. Beckman WINTER 2017 24 Union Death Benefit James A. Purl Local 542 Fort Washington, PA Robert T. Achuff John T. Clancy Joseph A. Oliveri Peter Raymond Edward S. Slater Franklyn E. Wise Local 612 Tacoma, WA Thomas R. Davis Local 627 Tulsa, OK Joseph L. Kays jr William F. Miller Local 701 Gladstone, OR Edward Harper Cleve Hinton P. Mcalister Local 793 Oakville, ON Harry Tuckwell Local 825 Springfield, NJ Vincent D. Bricca John Conte Harry S. Spears Local 826 Horace L. Bowden Local 912 Columbia, TN B .B. Baker Local 950 Milwaukee, WI Robert H. Pohl Local 965 Springfield, IL John A. Dietz Local 967 Stanley G. Sommers December 2016 Local 003 Alameda, CA Arthur Cereda K .J. Goulardt Maurice D. Herlax Thomas I. Jenkins Joseph K. Kaili jr Local 004 Medway, MA Anthony J. Bernabei Local 018 Cleveland, OH Lloyd E. Beal Louis Carr Raymond H. Carter Monroe Jones Albert F. Smallwood Carol E. Stover Harold E. Warders Johnnie L. Williams Glenn Wolfe Local 066 Pittsburgh, PA Benefits paid July, 2016 - December, 2016 Harry L. Smith Local 068 West Caldwell, NJ Donald J. Merrill Local 101 Kansas City, MO Allen J. Hallauer Local 115 Burnaby, BC Trevor G. Beeton Bernard A. Gallant William J. Jurreit John R. Nicholson Local 132 Charleston, WV Orville Burdette Lencil C. Johnson Robert E. Kinder Glenn R. Stickley Local 139 Pewaukee, WI Robert E. Messinger Local 150 Countryside, IL Robert G. Czarny Benjamin F. Matlock John Szozda Local 399 Chicago, IL Eugene Ward Local 400 Helena, MT John N. Nelson Become a Skilled Construction Professional... At NO COST to You! 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