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International Operating Engineer - Winter 2017

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Don’t let billionaire

Don’t let billionaire CEOs rig the system. The crony capitalists want the federal government to interfere in free bargaining states and eliminate unions – so they can maximize profits on the backs of working families. Rebuild the middle class – Oppose “right-to-work” Workers in “right-to-work” states earn 12% less than workers in other states. That’s nearly ,000 that families need to make ends meet. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12/9/14 Put workers first – Oppose “right-to-work” Jobs in “right-to-work” states are more dangerous. Without union training workplaces are less safe, and the rate of workplace deaths are 54% higher. Bureau of Labor Statistics; AFL-CIO 4/14 Respect states’ rights – Oppose “right-to-work” Every state has the right to workplace rules that work for their local economy. We don’t need Washington politicians interfering to pick winners and losers. For more information and tools to protect unions, visit 20 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER WINTER 2017 20 Union Death Benefit July 2016 Local 003 Alameda, CA Allen E. Adams Buddy Campbell Dewie Dabbs Daniel Deponte Thomas D. Eychner Floyd Gaither Gino Magri Richard Mcdougald Charles Sutliff Carl Swendsen Maurice Trejo Local 009 Denver, CO Herman Evans Leonard Roderick Local 012 Pasadena, CA Carson Beahler Jimmie Bean Arthur Bean Richard Bundy Laurence Castruita Vernon Chase Ernest Heinrich Tony Hernandez Henry Hurst George King Laurence Marquez E. Martinez James Northrop James Salazar Gary Schmahlenberger James Shults Melvin Sigwing Harland Stevenson, jr. Albert Wilkins Russell Wilkinson Odis Wise Fred Young Local 014 Flushing, NY Thomas W. Gleason Leroy G. Morello Gaetano Polito Local 015 Long Island city, NY Thomas Fleming Victor R. Loguercio Philip Noto Sebastian Salonia Local 017 Lakeview, NY Ronald E. Eckert Local 018 Cleveland, OH Earl W. Bowen Ronald L. Butler George O. Charles Emery T. Cline Raymond F. Fidel Deane Linser Frank Maslanka Thomas J. Preston Harold L. Rooks Ronnie Snyder Robert J. Zeiger Local 037 Baltimore, MD Richard Mroz Local 066 Pittsburgh, PA Andrew J. Bozin Thomas D. Horner Chester Leoni David R. Lohr Hubert J. Majetic Local 103 Indianapolis, IN Dean L. Skinner Local 115 Burnaby, BC Warren Cardinal Hubert G. Clesson Clinton D. Hiles Robert B. Isenor Jim Kubik Ashley W. Macleod Anthony Perrino Harold F. Williams Local 138 Farmingdale, NY Alfred Briskie Francis Mills Angelo Sposato Thomas Walters Local 139 Pewaukee, WI Roger W. Beahm Eugene Becker Paul Bratz Richard R. Dunn Robert W. Krines Kenneth Laur Howard E. Le pine Donald Leiterman Maurice Mc bride Ernest H. Reynolds Donald R. Simpsen Local 147 Norfolk, VA Henry O. Brankley Charles Warren Local 150 Countryside, IL Dorcey E. Best Ronald Coffman Richard L. Cole Merle Koehler John J. Oudes Giancarlo Poli James B. Powell Raymond L. Reuss 21 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER Truman L. Schrage James H. Smith Local 158 Glenmont, NY William T. Blewett Charles C. Bower George F. Hastings jr Milford M. Lovett Jack I. Polmanteer Local 181 Henderson, KY August E. Franz Bynum R. Geer William A. Keeling Buddy Singleton Local 302 Bothell, WA Jack R. Barker Louis E. Bell Robert E. Elzig William A. King Alan D. Raddatz Gerald R. Vietzke Carlton C. Watt Local 324 Bloomfield Township, MI Douglas A. Conger John F. Irving Donald W. Marmolick William Noland jr Robert L. Price William A. Rogers George Thomas William H. Vanwasshenova Local 370 Spokane, WA Dennis G. Green William L. Guinn Donald P. Kerby Dale D. Payne Benefits paid July, 2016 - December, 2016 Jerald C. Thorpe Local 399 Chicago, IL Martin J. Cleary Raymond E. Fletter James E. Mc phillips Local 406 New Orleans, LA Joseph R. Gaspard Local 513 Bridgeton, MO William D. Morris Robert Shannon jr Local 520 Granite City, IL Elmer C. Weber Local 542 Fort Washington, PA Joseph Gross Charles Oconnor Local 609 Seattle, WA John L. Hueffed Local 612 Tacoma, WA Victor D. Lanza Local 649 Peoria, IL Gerald L. Humes Local 653 Mobile, AL William O. Anderson Local 701 Gladstone, OR Benjamin Beisell Jack Carston Charles Rollins Local 793 Oakville, ON Rynder Klomp Local 825 Springfield, NJ Jessie Workman jr Local 841 Terre Haute, IN James Belser Local 865 Thunder Bay, ON Donald Cassidy Local 917 Chattanooga, TN Bedford Hatmaker Local 965 Springfield, IL Dale Kaiser Raymond T. Smith Wayne L. Thompson August 2016 Local 003 Alameda, CA Glenn Dusky Robert Isaeff Dale P. Lapointe Norman Mueller Marvin Reed Darwin Smith Gerald Thayne Lawrenc Whipkey Local 004 Medway, MA Stavros Alexander Peter L. Mancini John R. Plant Local 009 Denver, CO Max Debusk Tito Garcia Local 012 Pasadena, CA Dewey Camp Norman Canfield Jack Chiaramonte Larry Fairbanks Robert Gound George Hill Lewis Latzel Louis Thomas Local 014 Flushing, NY George W. Lynch Local 015 Long Island city, NY George Christy Anthony Olivieri Charles Vasquez Local 017 Lakeview, NY Aristides Villa jr Local 018 Cleveland, OH Richard G. Cole sr Local 034 Frank H. Bokusky Local 038 Frank J. Sykora Local 039 Sacramento, CA Henry L. Cash Robert Dean Local 049 Minneapolis, MN Roy L. Anderson Lawrence P. Buck Kenley Chapman Donald Dobb Luke Fast Glen Gambill Allan F. Hohman Stewart R. Holt Arnie Jensen WINTER 2017 21

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