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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

GEB Minutes Local

GEB Minutes Local Union’s new Business Manager is Dean Bushey. Finally, Director Goff advised the Board that the IUOE Charity fund donations to California fire victims in Paradise was 7,000 and Local 3 had donated ,000. Case No. 9 Canadian Region Report Canadian Regional Director, Lionel Railton provided a status overview of the Supervision of Local 904. He reported that, based on his recommendation, General President Callahan had ordered an election of officers in Local 904. Director Railton advised the Board that the election was conducted by the outside audit firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and that the ballot count took place on December 18, 2018. He stated that the results of the election have been certified by PWC that Brother Terrence Hickey, Jr. had been elected Business Manager and President and that members of the Hickey slate had been elected to the remaining offices and Executive Board positions, with the installation the new officers taking place on January 9, 2019. Director Railton also updated the Board on the ongoing bankruptcy issues with Astaldi Canada, the General Contractor on the Muskrat Falls Project. Astaldi has been removed from site however discussions continue with Nalcor the provincial corporation, which is responsible for the project. Brother Railton reported he anticipates the full payment of outstanding wages and benefits. He also reported the White Rose Gravity Base Off-shore Drilling Structure is progressing well and has now reached 49 meters in height. Director Railton reported collective bargaining has been successfully completed for the National Mainline Pipeline and National Pipeline Maintenance Agreements. He stated that a notice to negotiate had been sent to the Pipe Line Contractors of Canada for the National Distribution Pipeline Agreement. He advised the Board that all agreements would include an hourly contribution to the National Training Fund for the International Training Center. Brother Railton then reported on jurisdictional and organizing issues throughout Canada. Brother Railton reported on ongoing work in the Canadian Region as follows: Enbridge Line 3 is entering its third construction season with final tie-ins and cleanup to be completed; Banister Pipelines continues work on TCPL North Montney Project, with reports indicating that non-union contractors working on this project are struggling with production and quality control; discussions have commenced with TCPL regarding the Keystone XL Project with the intent of securing a project labor agreement similar to the agreement signed in the U.S.; the Government of Canada owner of the Trans Mountain Expansion project January 14, 2019 is continuing the additional first nations consultation with a final report scheduled to be released on February 22, 2019. Director Railton then reported that according to Local 115, the Green/NDP Provincial Government remains fragile. He reported that a crucial By-Election for the riding of Nanaimo, BC is scheduled for January 30, 2019. He also stated that the Community Benefits Agreement reached with the provincial government has come under fire from the non-union employer associations and CLAC signatories. He advised the Board that the Canadian Regional office continues to assist Local 115 by way of social media campaign and lobbying efforts to support the NDP Government. Director Railton reported Local 793 is celebrating its 100th anniversary with numerous membership events scheduled throughout 2019. He advised the Board that the Local started with 11 Members writing to General President H.M. Comoford requesting and receiving their first Charter on December 11, 1919. Director Railton reported the Local has seen substantive growth in the last ten (10) years, doubling its membership during the period, with Local 793 membership now standing at 15,160 which is the largest in Canada. He reported on their plans for the celebration. Brother Railton reported the Local is still actively negotiating with Baffinland Iron Mines for a voluntary recognition for the employees employed at the Baffin Island Mine. Director Railton reported that Local 865 and the Canadian Regional office are working with new Business Manager, Sean Stortini and assisting with bargaining with Iron Range Bus Lines and other related collective agreement matters. Director Railton reported that Local 987 continues to work through the ramifications of Bill 28 – The Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act and Bill 29 – Healthcare Consolidation. Director Railton reported that both of these Bills will have a profound impact on the Local’s membership. He reported that the Canadian Regional office is working with the Local and Manitoba Building Trades to coordinate fight back campaigns. Director Railton concluded his report with an update on government relations activities. He reported that 2019 is a Federal Election year and preparations are underway. Brother Railton reported on potential implications of various bills. Director Railton reported that the Regional office continues to work with Minister Carr to develop regulations for the use of specialized workers and intra-corporate transferees under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP) Free Trade Agreement. Case No. 10 Construction Training Report Director of Construction Training Chris Treml began his report to the Board with an overview of classes at the ITEC that will be available in 2019, including both Instructor training courses, as well as courses for the general IUOE membership. He reported that there were 95 H&P training events scheduled to date with more classes being scheduled on a weekly basis. Director Treml then reported on the new crane rule by OSHA effective November 10, 2018. He advised the Board that a portion of the new rule states that the employer is responsible for operator evaluations, he stated that many Local Unions are getting calls from employers looking for direction regarding this. Brother Treml reported that General President Callahan gave his approval to form a committee to discuss this matter. Director Treml then informed the Board that an increased number of members are looking to take their crane certification tests. He reported that the ITEC has progressed from offering practical testing every other month, to offering monthly testing since October to meet this growing demand. Director Treml reported on the popular self-erector tower cranes and that some Locals have brought their classes to ITEC rather than renting a crane at their own Local Union training sites. Director Treml reported that he would be scheduling a Train the Trainer course for the self-erector tower cranes so that more trainers can be exposed to these types of cranes. Next, Director Treml reported on the popularity of the robotic equipment in the industry and the equipment manufacturer Jekko has agreed to increase their partnership with the IUOE and add two more of their cranes to the fleet at the ITEC. Director Treml reported on new avenues of training and explained to the Board that he will be looking into workforce development training, as well as leadership training for IUOE members who take on foreman or superintendent roles. Director Treml reported that Leica Geosystems has entering into a new discount purchase agreement with the Locals. He reported that they are also a manufacturer of GPS components and there would be a meeting coming up to discuss obtaining some of their equipment for use at the ITEC. Case No. 11 Stationary Department Report Director of Stationary Development Mark Maierle reported to the board on the job duties and expectations for his new position, as well as for the positions of Director of Stationary Administration and Stationary Training Coordinator. Brother Maierle informed the Board that General President Callahan recently made an offer to an applicant for the Stationary Training Coordinator position. Director Maierle then concluded his report by updating the Board on some of the details of the Stationary Department’s new strategic plan that had been presented to, and approved by, General President Callahan in December. Case No. 12 Special Projects Report Director of Special Projects and Initiatives Rick Rehberg reported to the Board that some of his Special Projects staff members have been working with officials in New York and New Jersey to strengthen prevailing wage laws and rules in those two states. He also reported on recent enforcement activities in Michigan, Connecticut, and Ohio. Director Rehberg reported on Organizing efforts, noting a review of NLRB elections data shows that the IUOE won 75% of representation elections in 2018, a significant improvement over the previous year and well above the national average win rate. Brother Rehberg reported that average bargaining unit size and total number of workers organized through elections also increased. He reported that the five largest election victories in 2018 were highlighted, and major 2019 campaigns were previewed. Director Rehberg reported that Action Builder: The “Action Builder” database is a joint project of the AFL-CIO and Action Network, and will be available to IUOE Locals during the first quarter of 2019. He reported the tool will be free to any Local to evaluate throughout 2019. Case No. 13 Pipeline Department Report Pipeline Director Robert Wilds began his report by updating the Board on man hours, job-notices, and number of new signatory contractors for the period of January through November 2018. Director Wilds also reported on new work, projects in progress, and projects awaiting regulatory approval. Finally, Director Wilds reported on a Memorandum of Understanding for a Project Labor Agreement that was signed with Trans-Canada for the Keystone XL Pipeline for 882 miles of 36” Pipe and 28 Compressor stations. Case No. 14 General Secretary- Treasurer’s Report General Secretary-Treasurer Brian Hickey reported that the International had worked with Calibre CPA Group to complet an AREA audit. He also reported that the International had completed the Worker’s Compensation audit with the Zurich Insurance company. General Secretary-Treasurer Hickey also reported that the International is handling year-end matters, including the year-end audit which is expected to last three weeks, year-end political and legislative reports, and the LM-2 preparations. General Secretary-Treasurer Hickey reported that the General Pension Plan 2 has moved to the seventhfloor offices at IUOE Headquarters. He concluded his report by stating that his department had provided financial assistance to the 26 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2019 27

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