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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

Training & Education

Training & Education Partners in Performance Standards THE IUOE NTF Job Corps Pre- Apprentice Program developed preapprentice level testing called Job Corps Performance Testing (JCPT), to evaluate a student’s ability level to operate heavy equipment on a variety of equipment types. The format of the preapprentice testing parallels the IUOE’s Training Standards Performance (TSP) testing that evaluates an apprentice’s ability to perform at the minimum standard of a heavy equipment operator journeyperson. The JCPT testing requires students to complete the same tasks as the TSP testing, however the students are given additional time and the scoring required to pass is adjusted for a preapprentice level. Job Corps students are required to complete the practical JCPT to become a graduate, entering the next phase of their journey to apply for acceptance in an IUOE Local apprenticeship. Local unions continue to utilize performance testing for apprentices and new operators seeking membership. Some continue to use TSP and others have developed their own testing. Established minimum standards in performance testing Local 302 Excavator Skills Testing maintains a qualified pool of operators for the contractors of our industry. NTF Job Corps also conducts an oral test, equipment performance test, and a classroom presentation during the hiring process for qualified instructor applicants. The testing is conducted in-house and on site at the Job Corps site location. This process ensures instructors have the necessary skill set to teach and train Job Corps students as they embark on a career path to become an Operating Engineer. Local unions that have NTF Job Corps in their jurisdiction, participate in the hiring process conducted by the NTF Job Corps program by attending the interviews and observing the performance tests of instructor applicants. In February, Local 302 strengthened its partnership with NTF Job Corps by having Sean Jeffries, Local 302 President, conduct the interviews, written test, and performance testing of the Apprenticeship instructors at the Local’s training site in Ellensburg, Washington for two Job Corps instructor vacancies. This improved the hiring process, as applicants not only had to meet the standards of the NTF, but also the standards of Local 302. In turn, new benefits to this process were realized; Local 302 maintains its standards with Job Corps operator instructors and the NTF Job Corps program at Ft. Simcoe can make necessary additions to student training, ensuring graduates continue to be apprenticeship ready for the Local. For additional information about this article or if you would like to refer someone to train at one of the IUOE NTF Job Corps training locations please contact: IUOE NTF Job Corps Regional Coordinator, Milton S. Kendall @ 240- 318-0267 Email: mkendall@iuoe.org or visit the International Union’s web site at: https://www.iuoe.org/training Job Corps Excavator Performance Test International Union of Operating Engineers This state-of-the-art facility contains everything needed to host, support, and develop the skills of a constantly expanding and varied group of construction and maintenance professionals. • 265 acre campus • 17 modern classrooms and labs • 12 pad crane field (more being added in 2019) • Simulator rooms • Heavy equipment mechanics shop • Welding bays • Central utility plant with training redundancies • 227 private guest rooms, fitness center, and full dining facilities • Shuttle service to major airports in the Houston area Register today! International Training & Education Center www.iuoe-itrs.org The International Training & Education Center is the most advanced training facility for union Operating and Stationary Engineers in North America. Training classes are offered exclusively to IUOE members. Not a member yet? JOIN TODAY >> 10 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2019 11

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