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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2018

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

Union Death Benefit

Union Death Benefit Benefits paid May - June, 2018 WEDNESDAY January 24, 2018 Executive Session General President Callahan called the meeting of the General Executive Board into an Executive Session at 7:40 a.m. on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Also present for this Executive Session were Chief of Staff Joseph Giacin, General Counsel Brian Powers, Chief Financial Officer John Loughry, Associate General Counsel Matt McGuire and Assistant to the General Secretary- Treasurer Hugh Delaney. General President Callahan re-introduced Richard Griffin the General Executive Board. General Counsel Powers explained that following his tenure as the NLRB General Counsel, Mr. Griffin joined the law firm of Bredhoff & Kaiser in Washington DC. Mr. Powers stated that the IUOE has entered into a retainer agreement with the law firm allowing for Mr. Griffin to provide consultation and advice to the IUOE subject to any conflict of interest limitations imposed by the federal government for departing employees. Mr. Griffin noted his deep appreciation to General President Callahan to graciously allow him to accept his appointment by President Obama to a position of NLRB Board member in 2012 after 28 years with the IUOE legal department. He stated that he looks forward to working with General Counsel Brian Powers and the IUOE legal staff to assist the IUOE in any way he can. President Callahan welcomed Mr. Griffin back to the IUOE, and he noted that requests to utilize Dick Griffin should be made through General Counsel Powers. Mr. Griffin thanked General President Callahan and the General Executive Board and then excused himself from the meeting. General President Callahan then reminded the General Executive Board that the supplemental pension for former General President Giblin had to be approved on an annual basis. He called on John Loughry to provide additional details of the pension, after which a motion was made, duly seconded, and unanimously adopted to approve the pension for another year. Call of Meeting General President Callahan called the meeting of the General Executive Board to order at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, October 24, 2017. General Secretary- Treasurer Hickey then read the call of the meeting, whereupon the roll call was taken which disclosed all members of the General Executive Board were present. Also present were Chief of Staff Joseph Giacin, General Counsel Brian Powers, Chief Financial Officer John Loughry, Associate General Counsel Matt McGuire and Assistant to the General Secretary- Treasurer Hugh Delaney. General President Callahan then read a letter from Joseph Shanahan resigning his position as International Trustee. General President Callahan nominated Joshua VanDyke, Business Manager Local 77 to fill the International Trustee vacancy created by Brother Shanahan’s retirement. It was regularly moved and unanimously carried to elect Joshua VanDyke as an International Trustee. General President Callahan engaged the General Executive Board in a discussion about the possibility of the IUOE issuing its own credit card with a low interest rate for the membership. Case No. 1 Minutes of the Previous General Executive Board Meeting The minutes of the General Executive Board meeting conducted October 5, 2017 were approved and made a part of the official records of the Board. Copies of these minutes had been distributed previously to all Board members. Case No. 2 Expenses and Actions Taken Since the Last General Executive Board Meeting MAY 2018 LOCAL 002 ST LOUIS, MO JAMES E BUTLER LOCAL 003 ALAMEDA, CA DONALD R FELLION J M SPEYER CLYDE W PITTS ARNOLD MACKLIN DOUG W CARTER JOHN BROTHERTON JOSEPH A HENDRIX LYLE E KIBBE LOUIS A HALL C GREEN MANUEL CASTILLO LOCAL 004 MEDWAY, MA MARIO COPPOLA DAVID L PARSLOW EUGENE D TAVARES LOCAL 012 PASADENA, CA HENRY VOGT DAVID E. RADLEY GLEN OLINGER FRANKLIN THOMAS STEPP HAROLD E. REED ROBERT O. RUSSELL JOHNSIE R. MCALESTER WILLARD G. SCOTT WILL E. HAYNES SAMUEL F. HORTON EARL L. BLESSING JIM ZAVAS HERBERT W. NEWTON LYLE A. WELLS HAROLD E. MILTON STANLEY W. SHACKLETT HARRY R. BLOOM LOCAL 014 FLUSHING, NY WILLIAM G PRIGGE LOUIS VOWVALIDIS MORRIS M SIER LOCAL 015 LONG ISLAND CITY, NY RONALD D KNAUST JOHN C LICONTI LOCAL 017 LAKEVIEW, NY WILLIAM A BENZ JR LOCAL 018 CLEVELAND, OH LEON C MCCAMAN JAMES R RUMSEY JAMES G TAYLOR EDWARD C STROHSCHER RICHARD H HARDESTY ALFONZO SMITH JAMES C SWINEFORD EDWARD J MARIOTTI FREDERICK G LAYTON KENNETH J GRIME ARTHUR R ROBERTS EUGENE E BOLEN ROBERT SANDERS LOCAL 030 RICHMOND HILL, NY CHARLES J REINERS WHITESTONE, NY CHARLES J REINERS LOCAL 049 MINNEAPOLIS, MN ELWOOD B DANIELSON GENE L RISTVEDT RICHARD OLSON HENRY M HEINTZ JOHN PARTYKA M R CLIFFORD SWENSON LOCAL 066 PITTSBURGH, PA ARTHUR M ZAMBANINI RAYMOND H CURTIS DAVID J GIRDISH RALPH A GERVASIO JIMMY R SAUNDERS PAUL L RESSLAR GEORGE YURKANIN LOCAL 070 WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN ALBERT BRUGGENTHIES LOCAL 077 SUITLAND, MD HUSHEL SETTLE LOCAL 095 PITTSBURGH, PA NICK DEFALLE KENNETH W BERNAUER LOCAL 098 EAST LONGMEADOW, MA ROBERT H FOISY LOCAL 103 FORT WAYNE, IN RICHARD YEARLING INDIANAPOLIS, IN RICHARD YEARLING LOCAL 115 BURNABY, BC RONALD G BROWN DONALD F DAHLQUIST KURC ZEVIAR LOCAL 119 HAYSVILLE, KS C E WAGGONER WICHITA, KS C E WAGGONER LOCAL 132 CHARLESTON, WV F M CHADDOCK RONALD GEBHARDT CARLTON TRICKETT LOCAL 138 FARMINGDALE, NY EDWARD C SMITH DANIEL H SMITH LOCAL 139 PEWAUKEE, WI LOWELL NORRISH DONALD J GOEBEL THOMAS G COWDY RICHARD A HORNUNG LOCAL 150 COUNTRYSIDE, IL WAYNE E HORTON CLETUS A BOZYCH GEORGE J LUX JR WALTER JEFFERSON HARVEY W BRITTON JOHN F ALLEN RICHARD G MILLER LOCAL 158 GLENMONT, NY ROBERT L FIENE EARL L WAITE DONALD THEW LOCAL 16B NULL, NULL EARL D BRYANT LOCAL 181 HENDERSON, KY BILLY W GRIDER LOCAL 302 BOTHELL, WA JAMES PAVEL GAROLD A REID MELFORD J MIKKELSEN ROBERT E KUERSTEN LOCAL 310 GREEN BAY, WI GEORGE LENZ OCONTO, WI GEORGE LENZ LOCAL 317 OAK CREEK, WI ESKIL A BERGSTROM AUREL MOGA LOCAL 318 MARION, IL VICTOR BARGER LOCAL 324 BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, ROY J RANCK JOSEPH T HAZARD GEORGE L GEAN JOHN G BARG JR BERNARD THOMPSON DONALD F THOMS FREDERICK A NEIHARDT STANLEY J CHOVANEC WADE GROUT CLARENCE E WUERTH ALLEN H LAW CLAUDE D ASH TED R WYATT NORMAN CURTIS EUGENE D WHELTON LOCAL 399 CHICAGO, IL ANTHONY MASIARZ HARVEY E VAN BUSKIRK LOCAL 406 NEW ORLEANS, LA CHARLES J NELSON JR LOCAL 407 LAKE CHARLES, LA WILLIAM E DAY LOCAL 428 PHOENIX, AZ HARRY MARCOTT JR LOCAL 463 RANSOMVILLE, NY GLENN L WENDT LOCAL 478 HAMDEN, CT FRANK TANUCCI KENNETH W DOWDING JR LOCAL 513 BRIDGETON, MO VERNON STORIE EMIL L WALLACH JR ALLAN G ANDERSON LOCAL 520 GRANITE CITY, IL MARVIN D ELLIS LOCAL 542 FORT WASHINGTON, PA DALE C CULLEN JR HARRISBURG, PA DALE C CULLEN JR LOCAL 564 LAKE JACKSON, TX TRAVIS R MILLSAP 22 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2018 22 23 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2018 23

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