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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2016

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.


POLITICS In June 2016, Limon told CNN that the course material was useless and devoid of any advanced real estate techniques. The one tip he does recall came from an instructor who detailed the benefits of paying off unpaid tax debts of elderly people— keeping them in their homes until they die— but then taking ownership of their properties. “When I saw that teaching, you had to steal somebody’s house? This is not right,” Limon said. “We were ripped off.” Veterans Employed by “Trump University” were Fired Veterans also worked for “Trump University” and associated companies, and at least two veterans have claimed that they were fired for their military service. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Richard Wright, was fired from his job as a mentor at the Trump Institute, an affiliate of Trump University, after a deployment to Afghanistan. The Trump Institute hired Wright as a tele-consultant or “mentor.” His job was to speak on the phone with clients who had purchased “memberships” in the Trump Institute, and give them advice about investing in real estate. During his employment, Master Sgt. Wright’s reserve unit was called up for active duty and he spent three months serving in Afghanistan. Upon his arrival back home in Florida, his bosses told him that, “all of your 22 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER absences” had forced the company to “reevaluate your position with the Trump Institute.” TRUMP CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17 It is a violation of federal law to FLOOD CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 like that of retired Navy veteran penalize an employee for absences First and foremost remember your Felicisimo Limon. Mr. Limon believed the billionaire wanted him to achieve success, but after charging ,000 to caused by military service. Wright sued for wrongful termination under the Uniformed Services Employment training! Remember what you learned in the safety classes you’ve taken at your local union, all of the same safety his credit card to enroll himself and his and Reemployment Rights Act. rules apply. wife in the program in 2008, he now The company ultimately reached a feels differently. settlement with Wright that forbids him from talking further about the case. Iraq War veteran Corinne Sommer was fired from Trump University in 2007. In a deposition filed as part of an ongoing California court case, Sommer said she believed Trump University terminated her because her military commitments as a reservist interfered with her work as an events planner for the company. “I was fired because I was in the military,” she told attorneys as part of an unrelated fraud case against Trump University. “At the end of my [performance] evaluation, they wrote that it was a problem that I was in the military.” Sommer was an Army staff sergeant who had deployed to Iraq in 2003. After returning from active service she remained a reservist. Her reservist commitment amounted to two days a month, she said. Following a lawsuit, Trump University also settled with Ms. Sommer. Is Donald Trump really a champion for our veterans? The truth is that his actions don’t track with his bold statements from the campaign trail. Find out more details and read further examples about Trump’s treatment of our veterans at www.engineersaction. org. HAZMAT There a number of additional things to think about in floods because this is not a normal work environment. The list below is not complete, but hits on some of the important things to be aware of when working in a flood disaster area. • traumatic stress, • heat stress, • sunburn, • eye injuries, • noise, • breathing dust contaminated with toxic materials, • piles of debris and unstable work surfaces, • handling a variety of sharp and jagged materials, • flood water contaminated with raw sewage and other hazardous materials (chemicals), • carbon monoxide from gasoline or propane powered generators, • heavy equipment or tools, • the use of ladders, • operating a chain saw, • structural integrity, • mold, • trench foot (immersion foot), • food-borne disease, • insects and insect-borne disease, animals and animal-borne disease, snakes and reptiles. Stay safe and healthy! Watch out for each other. Co-workers/helpers may not notice a hazard nearby or behind. IMAGINE WHAT’S NEXT. Get the ultimate view of where construction is going. Go hands-on with the new technologies spread out over 2,400,000 square feet of exhibition space. Learn next-gen techniques, tools and ideas from over 100 education sessions. From earthshaking big iron to groundbreaking innovations, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 is where over 130,000 construction industry professionals from around the world go to stay ahead of their competition. To see who’s included in our 2,400+ exhibitors, visit conexpoconagg.com March 7-11, 2017 | Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, USA IF IT’S NEW, IT’S HERE. Co-located with ® SUMMER 2016 23

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