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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2016

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.


Election 2016: Special Series “In America, we put common interest before self-interest. We stand together because we know we’re stronger together.” Clinton has Real Plans to Create Real Jobs Infrastructure to be focus of first 100 days in office SPEAKING BEFORE A largely bluecollar crowd in a Los Angeles suburb, Hillary Clinton committed to sending “a comprehensive infrastructure proposal to Congress in her first 100 days in office” if she is elected president this fall. “We will start working immediately,” Clinton told those who gathered in Buena Park, California in May, calling her infrastructure plan, “the most significant increase in infrastructure investment since Dwight Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System,” a 1956 act that built 47,856 miles of highway across America. “The state of our infrastructure is a national emergency,” she said. Clinton added that roads, airports and public water needs to upgraded. “We have bridges that are right now too dangerous to drive on—although people take a deep breath and drive right across them,” she said. “We have airports stuck in the mid-20th century instead of the 21st century.” Clinton’s infrastructure proposal -- which was first rolled out at a November event in Boston -- will cost 5 billion. The plan looks to increase infrastructure spending over the next five years in order to “bankroll upgrades to roads, bridges, airports and public transit.” The plan also includes establishing a billion national infrastructure bank, which would put up federal dollars to attract private investment. “To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today,” Clinton said in Boston. “I want our cities to be in the forefront of cities anywhere in the world. I want our workers to be the most competitive and productive in the world. I want us, once again, to think big and look up, beyond the horizon of what is possible in America.” Increased investments in infrastructure will keep thousands of Operating Engineers working and create thousands of new job opportunities over the next five years. Sixty-eight percent of jobs related to infrastructure investments are in the construction sector, generating good jobs for IUOE members and other construction crafts. “Think of all the people we could put to work,” with her plan, Clinton said. [top] Hillary Clinton joined striking Trump Taj Mahal workers in Atlantic City, NJ. The union is fighting for fair wages, decent healthcare, and secure retirement benefits. The Truth on Trump: No Friend to Veterans REPUBLICAN NOMINEE Donald Trump has been vocal about the need to take care of our military veterans. His campaign materials promise that if elected, he’ll “put our service men and women on a path to success as they leave active duty.” However, Trump’s words ring hollow in light of recent controversies. The recipient of a draft deferral during the Vietnam War— he got four student deferments and a medical disqualification for bone spurs in his foot, despite being a student athlete— Trump’s actions on behalf of veterans fall well short of his campaign rhetoric. In May, Trump was asked to account for almost million dollars he claimed he had raised— including million of his own money— and had distributed to various veteran organizations. By having his public statements “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military [Donald Trump on the than I am.” O’Reilly Factor, 6/16/15] scrutinized, he had to admit that only a portion of the money was raised. It wasn’t until Trump was called out that his own pledged dollars were finally sent to support veterans. Instead of admitting his failure, he attacked the media for pointing out his shortcomings on the issue. Even more disturbing than his dishonesty towards charitable support are the documented accounts of veterans who have been mistreated by Trump businesses. A number of the controversies revolve around the now infamous, for-profit “Trump University” and associated companies. Veterans Who Attended “Trump University” Claim They Were Defrauded The so-called “Trump University” was never an accredited institution of higher learning. “Trump University” was actually a for-profit limited liability corporation and despite its use of terms like professors, adjunct professors and tuition, it was never an actual university. “Trump University” collected an estimated million from up to 10,000 students between 2005 and 2010. During this time frame the New York Department of Education said it was no longer allowed to call itself a university. The company changed its name to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative and then promptly shut down in 2011. By the time it ceased operations, “Trump University” faced several lawsuits and multiple state attorneys general investigations. Many of the alleged victims of “Trump University” have told stories TRUMP CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 The IUOE has taken the time to research the records of the candidates on key pocketbook issues important to Operating Engineers. We understand that your vote is a personal decision. We hope that you find this information helpful when you make that decision in the privacy of the voting booth. Please see for more information. 16 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2016 17

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