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International Operating Engineer - Summer 2016

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Healthcare The Doctor is

Healthcare The Doctor is Now In, Down at the Local Union Hall SUPPORT AMERICAN JOBS! CHECK THE LABEL! MEMBERS OF IUOE LOCAL 101 now have a new option for their healthcare, their union hall. The Union Health and Wellness Center is open to the Local’s 4,500 members as well as their dependents and about 450 retirees. The Local encompasses 56 counties in Missouri and all of Kansas. Local 101 partnered with North Kansas City-based Cerner Corp., a health care information technology company, to run the health center. Members can see a primary care physician for physicals, immunizations, tests and other medical needs. It’s the first health care center for a building trades union in the Kansas City area. The center will be free for eligible users and there are plans to add a pharmacy to the clinic. The 5,500-square-foot center has three rooms ready for consultations and exams. Stacie Totta, Cerner’s director of population health services, said staff members at the facility will learn what ailments are common among operating engineers. Once they have that information, they can adjust the health center to meet more specific needs. Totta said union members can expect little to no wait time. The Cerner model for on-site health centers revolves around the patients, and the focus is on prevention. General President Callahan spoke at the center’s opening. He said he sees great potential in the memberfocused health center. has seen centers like it. The former Kansas governor said companies have found that on-site centers save money in the long run. Another benefit is healthier employees. “If it’s not convenient and it’s not easy, people will wait until there’s a crisis and then they’ll go to the doctor,” Sebelius said. “The easy choice should be the healthy choice, and that’s what this will be. It will make it far easier for people to actually do preventive care and take care of their own health.” But convenience isn’t the only factor. General President Callahan said Operating Engineers are the hardest people to get to the doctor. “We are all supposed to be macho and not go to the doctor until we have to,” he said. “When there’s an incentive there to get them, that’s how you can check these things out.” Nabisco/Mondelēz is slashing good middle-class American jobs and shipping them to Mexico. Do YOU know if your favorite Nabisco products are MADE IN MEXICO? Nabisco/Mondelēz has plants in Monterrey and Salinas, Mexico where low-wage workers, in workplaces with lax regulatory standards, are producing Nabisco products. Make sure your family only purchases Nabisco snacks made by your fellow American workers. CHECK THE LABEL on the back of every Nabisco package (near the expiration date and UPC code) before you purchase. There are TWO ways to tell if your Nabisco snacks are 1 Check for the words “Made in Mexico” MADE IN MEXICO: 2 Check the plant identification code: DO NOT BUY: MM = Monterrey, Mexico MS = Salinas, Mexico DO BUY: AE = Chicago AH = Portland, Ore. AP = Fairlawn, N.J. AX = Atlanta AZ = Richmond, Va. XL = Naperville, Ill. DO NOT BUY Nabisco products made in Mexico and tell your grocery manager to stock ONLY AMERICAN-MADE Nabisco/Mondelēz snacks! “This thing is going to grow because of the fact that it’s their organization, their union and their wages that pay into it,” he said. “I see this being the model that will be duplicated all around the country,” Callahan said. [L to R] General President James T. Callahan, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Local 101 Business Manager Scott Rettig, and Cerner Corp’s Mike Heckman cut the ribbon at the ceremonial opening the new healthcare center in Kansas City, Missouri. LEARN MORE: www.fightforamericanjobs.org BCTGM International Union WATCH OUR VIDEOS: The 600 Check the Label Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was also at the opening of the clinic and said she @BCTGM_Nabisco 10 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SUMMER 2016 11

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