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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

Union Death Benefit

Union Death Benefit KENNETH B FISHER PETER OCONNOR JOSEPH R MARTUCCI SALVATORE LAROSA FREDRICK ROBINSON JOSEPH A DERICCO LOCAL 017 LAKEVIEW, NY NICK CICCARELLI LOCAL 018 CLEVELAND, OH CLARENCE LICHTENBERG BILLE R SELF EDWIN E DENNISON GORDON J KNOTTS THOMAS R SHARKEY VICTOR J BANDO FLOYD O FERGUSON CARLOS L SCOTT DAVID V CORBETT ROBERT N WILSON CURTIS D ABBUHL CHARLES P STAGER WILLIAM J SCHNAPP STANLEY E DENNEY LOCAL 049 MINNEAPOLIS, MN WILFRED H KRUEGER LLOYD K WOLF EDWARD L THILL GERALD A BOWMAN MARVIN G HINTSA KENNETH SYLVESTER DANIEL M MAHER ROY K RABEN RICHARD G JOHNSON LOCAL 066 PITTSBURGH, PA RICHARD H CARLSON GERALD A STOCKETT JAMES W STOCK DONALD J ROBERTSON FRANKLIN D SPELICH LOCAL 101 KANSAS CITY, MO KENNETH JENNINGS LOCAL 132 CHARLESTON, WV AVERY SHEPPARD LOCAL 138 FARMINGDALE, NY ZIGURDS BLUMBERGS MAX SHORE JAMES O WILSON LOCAL 139 PEWAUKEE, WI DONALD J ROGERS DEL WAGNER TED A TIEMANN JR MARVIN J FOCHS DELOS SAILING LAWRENCE J DABB WILLIAM MATHEWS JR DUANE LICHT LOCAL 148 SAINT LOUIS, MO HERBERT E CROW STANLEY E JOHNSON WILLIAM G STRINGER LOCAL 150 COUNTRYSIDE, IL HERBERT H PFEIFFER JOHN A WEBERSKI JR HAYWARD WELLS WALTER B COX FREDERICK L WEISS ROBERT F CROSSK LEON G BUCKNER WILLIAM H DELANEY LARRY S MASON HAROLD D GRAVES EDWARD R SERBIN JR HAROLD L CRIDER JOHN G NELSON CHARLES A BROWN ARTHUR HORTON LOCAL 158 GLENMONT, NY RICHARD WEATHERBY PAUL R LACLAIR LOCAL 181 HENDERSON, KY LOWELL G LAUDERDALE JIM THOMPSON LOCAL 286 AUBURN, WA GEORGE E DOOLIN LOCAL 302 BOTHELL, WA D F LOVE HOWARD W DRAKE MICHAEL M LEPKA THOMAS E STERN LOCAL 310 GREEN BAY, WI DONALD STOEHR LOCAL 324 BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, CARL R JOHNSON MARUICE BURKE UMBERTO PACITTO LEONARD A HOLMBO JAMES R GLYNN JAMES R PEAKE ROY MITCHELL ELI M LUX ROY M STEELE JAMES H BURGESS WILLIE Benefits paid January - March, 2019 WASHINGTON LARRY B HULS JAMES R CAMPBELL RICHARD PEDRYS J CICCHINI LOCAL 347 R G HARMON LOCAL 351 BORGER, TX O L WINKLE LOCAL 382 GERALD W WHEETLEY LOCAL 399 CHICAGO, IL WILLIAM E BARREUTHER CONRAD R MARYANSKI LOCAL 406 NEW ORLEANS, LA JACK M ZYLKS LOCAL 428 PHOENIX, AZ NORMAN E RUDD HARLEY E SIMPKINS LOCAL 478 HAMDEN, CT ARMAND J MASSE JR EDWARD R GRAB LOCAL 513 BRIDGETON, MO HAROLD R WORKMAN JOHN FREY JR LOCAL 627 TULSA, OK LEE R MITCHELL LOCAL 649 PEORIA, IL KENNETH C HUSER ROBERT D ROSS LOCAL 673 JACKSONVILLE, FL W H MOSLEY LOCAL 701 GLADSTONE, OR FREDERICK G. MOODY LOCAL 793 OAKVILLE, ON HERVE PAQUETTE HAROLD E HAYES LOCAL 826 BILLY R HOWELL LOCAL 882 NEW WESTMINSTER, BC WILLIAM CROSBIE FRED BETTS LOCAL 891 BROOKLYN, NY WILLIAM D SAVARY LOCAL 926 REX, GA SHERRY O BALLIEW Member Spotlight ...Continued from page 8 exceptional communications skills, be on time and on a mission. “You have to be ready to learn and you have to trust yourself and your coworkers,” she says. “When you’re on a job site with heavy equipment, you have to trust that everyone around you is doing their job and you have to trust yourself so no one gets hurt.” Prevailing Wage Washington state law gives some employers who commit wage theft a get-out-of-jail-free card. If an employer cheats workers out of their prevailing wage, but returns the stolen wages before the state takes any enforcement action, the state lacks authority to issue appropriate penalties or sanctions - or even collect interest on the wages that were not lawfully paid. In effect, contractors could pay any back wages owed as soon as an investigation began, knowing this protected them from paying fines or even being found to have violated the law. Most of the contractors investigated every year by the state wage and hour office took this approach, and some did it multiple times. The law closed another loophole, one which had prevented the state from recovering back wages for workers if a complaint was filed more than 30 days after the job was completed. Dozens of contractors had used this loophole to keep stolen wages. The new rule allows for back wages to be recovered up to two years after a job ends. Finally, the law raised penalties from not less than ,000 of 20 percent of the prevailing wage underpayment, to not less than ,000 or 50% of the underpayment. Though Brenda may be a trailblazer now, she and other female skilled tradespeople are opening the door to more women in construction. Local 324 and the Randolph Center are promoting the need for more women in the skilled trades, through programs such as Ladies in Hard Hats and the National Association of Women in Construction. Showing them how they can build lucrative and rewarding careers operating heavy ...Continued from page 17 ...Continued from page 17 New Jersey Members Step Up Graham and Beasley-McCloed’s appointments bring the program’s total number of election victories to 1,030. Both candidates will attend the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates School this August before standing for election to complete their unexpired terms in November. equipment and other specialized areas in construction. Brenda says her greatest reward in her job is “knowing that she’s part of building something that will be standing for years.” Randolph Center Principal McKinney-King says, “Brenda is truly one of our most prominent success stories, and we know her best will get even better!” The IUOE joins Local 68 and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO in congratulating Sister Graham and Sister Beasley- McCloed on their success, and we look forward to working with them during this coming election cycle. [page 17 photo] Romaine Graham of Local 68 was recently appointed a Freeholder in Essex County, New Jersey. [above] Local 68 member Jamillah Beasley-McCloed , seated left, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Irvington (NJ) Town Council. 30 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SPRING 2019 31

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