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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

GEB Minutes October 24,

GEB Minutes October 24, 2018 rule by OSHA. He reported that there has not been much information brought forward with the November 10, 2018 deadline fast approaching. Next, Director Treml reported on the new established discount purchase agreements with Protire and DICA. He reported that these new agreements are now available for the local training funds. He reported that Protire is a distributer of rubber tires and tracks for equipment and DICA is a manufacturer of outrigger pads and cribbing for cranes. Director Treml reported on negotiations for a new discount purchase with Leica Geosystems. He advised the Board that this company is a manufacturer in the GPS technology industry and they are interested in partnering with the IUOE. Director Treml reported on two new crane LMI computer simulators that are now at the ITEC due to negotiations done by Chief of Staff Giacin. Director Treml reported that new simulators that were supplied by Link Belt and Manitowoc and replicate actual LMI systems are being used in some of the cranes onsite at the ITEC, but can also be used in a classroom setting. Director Treml reported on the popularity of the robotic equipment and the new mini crawler crane onsite at the ITEC. He reported that the equipment manufacturer Jekko has supplied a mini crawler crane to be used for training by IUOE members at the new training center in Crosby, TX. Director Treml concluded his report by stating that the new Level 2 course that was put together for Drones was a success and the next FAA Train the Trainer class scheduled for December was full. He informed the Board that an increased number of Local Unions now see the importance of having members ready to cover these new positions as Drone pilots. Case No. 14 Stationary Department Report Director of Stationary Affairs Russell Duke reported on increased utilization of the Blackboard Learning Management System. He reported there are on average 2,960 unique logins per month to the system. He reported that the stationary department is providing support for the training management system which is being created to handle registrations, flights, and planning for classes at the training center. Director Duke reported on several classes taught at the training center this year and the investment in handson training resources for students to use. He reported on outreach to local unions for instructors to teach several new courses. Director Duke concluded his report by advising the Board that General President Callahan had authorized offering certificates of completion to students who successfully pass classes at the ITEC. Case No. 15 Northeast Region Report Regional Director Alan Pero reported on the low out of work numbers for his region. Director Pero reported on the election cycle in his region congratulating Messer’s Ed Christian Local 14, Jim White Local 57, Phil Chaffee Local 98 and Paul Scheb Local 835, along with their administrations on their reelection to office. Director Pero reported on a recent catastrophe involving a non-signatory construction firm performing work for Columbia Gas in the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. Brother Pero reported that an estimated 70 homes were destroyed by a natural gas explosion which has resulted in the need of 8600 gas services and 45 miles of pipeline to be replaced. Director Pero stated that three communities have been dramatically impacted by this event. Director Pero reported that Local 4 Business Manager Bill McLaughlin, Local 4 Business Agent Paul DiMinico, and International Representative John Stevens have been coordinating with traveling signatory contractors mobilized to perform the repairs. Director Pero reported that Ferreira Construction continues to gain market share working with Local 4. Director Pero congratulated Local 478 Business Manager Craig Metz on the successful completion of the Towantic Power Project in Oxford, Connecticut. Finally, Director Pero gave the Board an update on new training facilities, organizing successes, and future campaigns within the Northeast Region. Case No. 16 Canadian Region Report Canadian Regional Director Lionel Railton reported on out of work numbers and that pipeline activity in 2018 remains robust within the sector, operating at near full employment. Brother Railton reported on projects in the region and their status. Director Railton reported on the Supervision of Local 904 and the scheduled election. Director Railton then provided the Board with an update on Local Union activities within the Region. Director Railton reported on current government relation activities within the Region including projected government funding and upcoming initiatives. Next, Director Railton reported on new bills and their impact to workers in the region. He stated that the Regional office is working with the Federal government regarding the development of Foreign Worker Regulations in order to restrict the importation and abuse of unskilled labor in the construction industry. Director Railton concluded his report by advising the Board that the Regional office is preparing for 2019 Federal election. Case No. 17 North Central Region Report North Central Regional Director Todd Smart reported on work in the region, including an increasing need for certified crane operators. Director Smart reported that locals in the region are ramping up apprenticeship programs to provide additional manpower to meet the growing need. Next, Director Smart reported on projects in the North Central Region that will provide work over the next several years. Director Smart reported on organizing in the Region and Brother Smart reported on several elections. Finally, Director Smart reported on The North Central States Conference which was held in September in Indianapolis, Indiana. He stated that a major highlight of the conference was the presentation on the defeat of “Right to Work” initiative in Missouri and the IUOE’s major involvement in that campaign. Case No. 18 Southern Region Report Southern Regional Director Martin “Red” Patterson reported on the out of work numbers within the Region. Next, Director Patterson reported on upcoming work in the Region for the remainder of 2018. He also reported on ongoing jobs in the Region, and he noted that there was an increased need for workers, including NCCCO Crane operators, finish grade dozers, and excavator operators. Director Patterson then provided the Board with a detailed update on the status of the International Supervisions of Local 369 in Tennessee and Local 624 in Mississippi. Finally, Director Patterson concluded his report by updating the Board about some of the ongoing organizing campaigns, as well as some of the newly signed companies in the Region. Case No. 19 Western Region Report Western Regional Director Carl Goff reported on out of work numbers for his region. He reported on organizing efforts and future campaigns. Director Goff reported on Local 701’s 100th Anniversary Celebration held at their newly renovated training center. Next, Director Goff reported on work with local government. Brother Goff reported on work opportunities in his region. Director Goff concluded his report by detailing political and organizing efforts in the Region. Case No. 20 Special Projects Report Director of Special Projects and Initiatives Rick Rehberg reported on efforts to strengthen prevailing wage laws in Washington state and Denver. Director Rehberg reported on major fraud enforcement cases. Director Rehberg reported on attendance and the agenda of organizer trainings in 2018 and plans for more trainings in 2019. Finally, Director Rehberg reported on new organizing tools, including the AFL-CIO “Action builder” database set to launch early 2019. Case No. 21 U.S. Membership Poll Report Mr. Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates provided a detailed report covering a random telephone survey that had been conducted among IUOE members residing in the United States for the IUOE’s benefit. Case No. 22 Legal Report Case No. 22(a) – Requests for GEB Prosecution Pursuant to IUOE Constitution Article XVI, Section 3 General Counsel Brian Powers presented two requests for the General Executive Board to assert jurisdiction to prosecute cases under Article XVI Section 3 of the Constitution. This first request involved Local 3 members Tony Delfino and Kenny Mendoza asking the General Executive Board to investigate and prosecute charges against the Local 3 Election Committee and Local 3 Business Manager Russell Burns concerning an alleged conflict of interest on the part of an attorney. After a discussion, it was regularly moved and unanimously carried that the General Executive Board decline to exercise its discretion pursuant to Article XVI, Section 3 of the Constitution to prosecute as requested. Vice President Burns left the room and fully recused himself from both the discussion and the ensuing vote on this matter. The General Executive Board next considered the request by Eric O’Grady and four other Local 49 members for the General Executive Board to exercise its discretion to file charges under Article XVI Sections 1 and 3 to prosecute and discipline Jason George and seven other members of Local 49 for alleged violations of the Campaign Website Resolution “and the prohibitions in the International Constitution against defamation, libel and slander”. After a discussion, it was regularly moved and carried that the General Executive Board exercise its discretion pursuant to Article XVI, Sections 1 and 3 of the IUOE Constitution to decline to prosecute this matter. Case No. 22(b) – ITEC Line of Credit General Counsel Powers discussed the start-up costs and first year operational costs of the International Training and Education Center (ITEC). He noted that one of the reasons for the creation of the ITEC as a separate entity was to secure federal tax-exempt status as a 501c3 entity and to secure exemptions from 24 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SPRING 2019 25

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