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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2018

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

International Operating Engineer (ISSN 0020-8159) is published by the: International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO 1125 17 th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 Subscription Terms - per year Change of Address - Requests must be submitted in writing to the IUOE Membership Department (address above). Include your new address, registration and local union number. POSTMASTERS – ATTENTION: Change of address on Form 3579 should be sent to: International Operating Engineer Mailing List Dept. 1125 17th St., NW, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20036 Publications Mail Agreement No. 40843045 Canada Post: Return undeliverables to P.O. Box 2601, 6915 ​Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4T 0A9 Printed in the U.S.A. International Union of Operating Engineers AFL-CIO general officers James T. Callahan, General President Brian E. Hickey, General Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Kalmar, First Vice President Russell E. Burns, Second Vice President James M. Sweeney, Third Vice President Robert T. Heenan, Fourth Vice President Daniel J. McGraw, Fifth Vice President Daren Konopaski, Sixth Vice President Michael Gallagher, Seventh Vice President Greg Lalevee, Eighth Vice President Terrance E. McGowan, Ninth Vice President Mark Maierle, Tenth Vice President Randy Griffin, Eleventh Vice President Douglas W. Stockwell, Twelfth Vice President Ronald J. Sikorski, Thirteenth Vice President James T. Kunz, Jr., Fourteenth Vice President Got Big News ? from Your Local We want to hear about it. trustees Kuba J. Brown, Chairman Edward J. Curly, Trustee Brian Cochrane, Trustee William Lynn, Trustee Joshua VanDyke, Trustee International Operating Engineer appreciates the stories and photos we receive from local affiliates throughout North America. Send us your submissions or ideas for stories you would like us to consider. Send your submissions, plus photos (digital images are preferred), to Jay Lederer at jlederer@iuoe.org, or mail 1125 Seventeenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036 From the General President I WAS HONORED to receive the unanimous support of the delegates to the 39th General Convention to serve as General President for another term. The delegates in attendance—over 600 strong—took to heart our theme “The Future Is Now,” and conducted the important work of charting a successful course for our union heading into the future. As I reported to the delegates, we are on very solid ground throughout the International. Over the last five years, our union has worked hard to dig out of the economic recession that gripped North America and concentrate on job creation. The improving economy and increasing demand for skilled Operating Engineers are creating opportunities to capture an even greater market share. The work outlook is strong and our training programs are brimming with new talent. A core element of our future is training new Operating Engineers. To cement that commitment for generations to come, we recently opened the International Training and Conference Center, a state-of-the-art facility built on 237 acres just outside of Houston, Texas. A blue-ribbon panel of Local Training Coordinators and IUOE staff from across the United States and Canada worked to plan and develop a training facility designed to meet the needs of our members and our industry. The training center includes classroom, conference and administrative buildings, mechanics shop, central plant, a 227-room dormitory and on-site meal services. Hands-on training using the latest equipment for pipeline training, crane training, and heavy equipment operations are conducted on the outdoor acreage. Inside the physical plant, built in redundancy for key aspects of the facility’s systems allow Stationary Engineers to have hands-on training in real world conditions. The National Training Fund (NTF) continues its mission to narrow the gaps in training capacity between Locals and promote consistency in skill standards across the International. The NTF focuses on supporting Local training efforts and receives Local Union input on a continuing basis to help address training needs. Each year, the IUOE invests over 0 million in training, with local unions and signatory employers sponsoring 100 independent training programs in the U.S. and Canada. Since the last convention, Operating Engineers across North America have raised the political profile of the union in the halls of Congress, Parliament, State and Provincial Capitals, and local governments. Our union maintains a nonpartisan, common-sense approach to politics in all these contexts. Operating Engineers are battling in the political trenches to improve wages, pension security, and health-care coverage for all IUOE members. Each year, multiple attempts to repeal Davis-Bacon prevailing wages are put forward in Congress and every time the IUOE and its allies have defeated it. However, 28 states now have socalled “Right-to-Work” laws on the books. A major campaign is underway in Missouri to repeal its recent passage of the legislation. We helped secure a record number of signatures to put right to work on the ballot later this year. We will marshal our forces, mobilize and win for our members there and across the country. The attacks on our collective bargaining rights and prevailing wage standards is a serious threat. We won’t reverse the damage in one election or one legislative session. But I pledge to stand and fight these forces; and little by little, we will stop this race to the bottom. [James T. Callahan] Organizing remains a top priority of the International, and we remain committed to increasing our membership and our strength at the bargaining table. The number of Local Union Grant Organizers has increased dramatically, and we created the position of International Organizer. Strategic researchers have also been added in the regional offices and in Canada. Shortly after the last convention, we made some changes to strengthen our efforts to protect our hoisting and portable craft jurisdiction. Training materials about protecting our jurisdiction and resolving disputes were developed. To date, over 30 H&P local unions have hosted the training and over 270 business managers, business agents, organizers and legal staff have attended. Finally, I want to say a word about our finances and retirement funds. The International and the various funds are financially sound and properly managed. Our fund Trustees, Directors and Staff deserve heartfelt thanks for their diligence and sound decision making that have kept our funds in the green over a tough period for the financial markets. Brothers and Sisters, our union is poised to grow stronger than ever before. The future for Operating Engineers is now! Work safe. 4 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SPRING 2018 5

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