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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2018

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Union Death Benefit

Union Death Benefit Local 148 Saint Louis, MO Glen J. Janes John W. Snyder Local 150 Countryside, IL Roger H. Cull sr James Feld Lawrence E. Fitzgerald Stanley D. Hann Vincent H. Modaff Roy D. Schmidt Gordon M. Sherman Rolland W. Smith Robert E. Sticken Richard Swanson Glenn A. Waspi Local 158 Glenmont, NY Raymond K. Donley Jack N. Smith John D. Vanderwarker Local 181 Henderson, KY Campbell Anderson Billy R. Johnson Local 302 Bothell, WA Sheridan L. Goodwin Hugh R. Maffei Local 317 Oak Creek, WI David M. Brown Local 318 Marion, IL James A. Sisk Local 324 Bloomfield Township, MI Stewart A. Bowden Gerald L. Darrow Emmett Foster Keith E. Paul Oliver Rose Robert E. Titus Francis J. Walraven jr Leo L. Walter Local 399 Chicago, IL Michael Boggins Local 406 New Orleans, LA Wilfred Ardoin C .D. Carpenter jr Ashton J. Leblanc Joseph C. Simon Turner E. Slayter Samuel R. Upton Local 407 Lake Charles, LA Cleve L. Christ Local 428 Phoenix, AZ Harry Marcott jr John B. White Benefits paid February - April, 2018 Local 450 Mont Belvieu, TX Richard W. Moore Local 463 Ransomville, NY James J. Verost Local 497 Jerry Franks Local 513 Bridgeton, MO Donald W. Couch William G. Day Eugene C. Kelso Kenneth J. Mitulski Norman J. Schroer Local 542 Fort Washington, PA Michael Donchak Michael J. Mullery Local 543 Richard L. Peterson Local 564 Richwood, TX R .E. Luster Local 612 Tacoma, WA Donald Doubek Franklin D. Murray Local 649 Peoria, IL Jerry W. Fate Alfred L. Neuendorf Merle D. Wolfe Local 758 Dubuque, IA Lavern A. Pfiffner Local 793 Oakville, ON Reginald E. Tyler Local 825 Springfield, NJ Ned Bayconish Billy J. Sexton Local 826 Acie W. Phillips Local 917 Chattanooga, TN Clarence J. Mitchell Anti-union politicians want to cut your pay. Crony capitalists and their friends in Washington keep attacking the prevailing wage laws that protect Operating Engineers. We can’t afford to let them win. OE17-010 Become a Skilled Construction Professional... At NO COST to You! Connects Men & Women to Challenging Careers in the Construction Industry EARNING POTENTIAL thru the Best Apprenticeship Training Programs in the Country Opportunity to Utilize Your G.I. BILL Education Benefits to Supplement Your Income NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – Earn While You Learn BENEFITS PACKAGE – Medical, Retirement and Pension Taxpayer money should support skilled workers, not greedy contractors. The Davis-Bacon Act requires that workers on government funded projects be paid equal to local prevailing wages for similar work so tax dollars aren’t used to undercut workers’ pay. Repealing Davis-Bacon means more workplace injuries and fatalities. Untrained, low-paid workers mean unsafe working conditions, which lead to more injuries and fatalities. epi.org/publication/bp215 The federal government sets prevailing wage rates, not unions. The prevailing wage rate is determined by a survey of all local construction wages conducted by the US Department of Labor. Prevailing wage does not raise the cost of construction. Workers paid a decent wage are more productive. Studies show that cuts in wages can actually raise the cost of construction projects. faircontracting.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Wage differential-method-critique-Duncan-2016-1.pdf 24 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER Serve Your Country Secure Your Future www.helmetstohardhats.org Tell your Members of Congress to oppose any efforts to weaken the Davis-Bacon Act. Call today: (202) 224-3121 SPRING 2018 25

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