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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2017

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Union Death Benefit

Union Death Benefit Benefits paid July, 2016 - December, 2016 Local 302 Bothell, WA Vern L. Bogart Martin C. Fowles jr Lyle Lage Lowell Stake Local 317 Oak Creek, WI Edward Aufderheide Edward L. Pfister Local 320 Florence, AL Eric Plunk Alvin C. Stutts James T. Wimberly Local 324 Bloomfield Township, MI Carl T. Allen jr Eugene E. Beaune Wayne Brown James Colegrove Tom Crowe Richard E. Hambright Don R. Lowell Bob J. Morrow Robert G. Parker Keith K. Revitzer Gerald R. Rittenberg Richard D. Robinson Harold H. Spencer George Thomas Local 351 Borger, TX L .M. Stark Local 399 Chicago, IL Patrick J. Clifford Lawrence G. Grieshammer Edward S. Killian Alfred Vorreyer Local 400 Helena, MT Philip G. Reeves Local 407 Lake Charles, LA Curtis L. Laurents Christon N. Nelson Local 409 Buffalo, NY John D. Glascott Local 428 Phoenix, AZ Freddie Hicks B .I. Rector Local 478 Hamden, CT W .E. Wiltse Local 513 Bridgeton, MO Charles Cox Edward N. Crites C .R. Czeschin Jim Doyle James L. Fennessey Maynard Morris Local 515 Loren N. Smith Local 520 Granite City, IL Wilbur Barton Francis Osborn John Tevebaugh Local 542 Fort Washington, PA Harry D. Goldberg Emil Marino Local 543 Wayne C. Schwanke Local 564 Richwood, TX D .M. Sands jr Local 571 Omaha, NE Roy E. Hurley Local 612 Tacoma, WA Cecil L. Bridges Bob H. Fiedler Leo E. Manning Ben C. Phillips Local 675 Albert L. Bennett Local 701 Gladstone, OR Keith Browning Ronald C. Jones George Malmstrom Local 793 Oakville, ON Don Atchison Donald Boyd Jacques Martineau Orval Wolfe Local 825 Springfield, NJ Howard K. Trentch Carmen M. Vitillo Local 841 Terre Haute, IN Clyde Gossman Local 882 Coquitlam, BC William A. Herdman Donald M. Sparks Local 955 Edmonton, AB Meyer Grandia Elie Malainey Local 963 Vancouver, BC Leslie C. Hill Local 965 Springfield, IL Raymond Kendrick GEB Minutes October 26, 2016 WEDNESDAY, Oct. 26, 2016 Call of Meeting General President Callahan called the meeting of the General Executive Board to order at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. General Secretary- Treasurer Hickey then read the call of the meeting, whereupon the roll call was taken which disclosed all members of the General Executive Board were present. Also present were Chief of Staff Joseph Giacin, General Counsel Brian Powers, Chief Financial Officer John Loughry, Director of Jurisdiction Terry George, Regional Directors Alan Pero, Lionel Railton, Martin “Red” Patterson, Todd Smart, and Carl Goff, and Assistant to the General Secretary-Treasurer Hugh Delaney. Case No. 1 Minutes of the Previous General Executive Board Meeting The minutes of the General Executive Board meeting conducted July 12, 2016 were approved and made a part of the official records of the Board. Copies of these minutes had been distributed previously to all Board members. Case No. 2 Expenses and Actions Taken Since the Last General Executive Board Meeting Payment of expenses incurred and actions taken by the International Union since the last Board meeting were thoroughly discussed. It was regularly moved and seconded that all such expenses and actions be approved. The motion was put to a vote and unanimously carried. Case No. 3 Adoption of Agenda General President Callahan presented a schedule and agenda of the General Executive Board’s sessions. It was regularly moved and unanimously carried to adopt the agenda as presented. Case No. 4 International Trustees’ Report 24 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SPRING 2017 25

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