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International Operating Engineer - Spring 2017

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Canadian News Local

Canadian News Local Spotlight Local 15 Bestows Honors Spanning the Generations members who had lost their homes. The IUOE National Charity Fund made their first payments to members on May 13. They assisted over 200 members. When Dan got back to Canada he had to find new work and decided that Edmonton held the best opportunities. He had to start over again with his wife Tracy. Now that they’re settled, neither have any intention of leaving. Local 955 is their new Union and Canada is their home. “You won’t be able to get rid of me that easy,” Dan said with a laugh. Chris and his family are currently renting in Fort McMurray until their home is finished which may be as soon as early June. Both Dan and Chris were overwhelmed and humbled by Canada’s response to Fort McMurray residents. The generosity and warmth they received will never be forgotten. To read the full article and view more photos, please visit: www.oe955.com [left] Fire raged on either side of the highway, making the Madden’s evacuation, and that of 90,000 Fort McMurray residents, much more difficult. [above] Dan Madden looks at the remains of his rental suite in Fort McMurray. [below] Chris Flett stands outside his new home with his wife Chrissy and daughter Jessica. They hope to be able to move in early next month. LOCAL 15 PRESIDENT and Business Manager Thomas A. Callahan held a dinner honoring the winners of the 2017 Local 15 Scholarship Award. This year, 35 individuals submitted an application for review, each with an exceptional essay that included a detailed perspective of the meaning of the term “Right-to- Work,” the implications of “Right-to- Work” for union members and the ability to collectively bargain, and the U.S. Presidential candidates’ viewpoints on “Right-to-Work.” The awards were presented to four outstanding applicants. The winners were Bianca Furci (Vincent Furci, Local 15), Sara Monahan (Timothy Monahan, Local 15A), Vincent Grippo (Vincent Grippo, Ill, Local 15C), and Nicholas Rauchbauer (Robert Rauchbauer, Local 15A). President Callahan, along with the Executive Director of the General Contractors Association Denise Richardson, presented each of the winners with a check in the amount of ,000. At a separate event, Local 15, 15A, 15B, 15C, 15D and 15H honored thirty 50-year members and thirty-nine 25-year members at ceremonies conducted in conjunction with the Regular Quarterly Meetings held in New York City. [article] Cara Robertson, IUOE Local 955 20 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER SPRING 2017 21

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