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International Operating Engineer - Fall 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

GEB Minutes March 28,

GEB Minutes March 28, 2019 subcontracting language in collective bargaining agreements with various utilities throughout the country. Brother George also reported on multiple disputes currently under the National Pipeline Agreement over the operation of mechanical sweepers with the teamsters. Brother George reported that discussions are taking place to address those ongoing disputes with the IBT. Lastly, he reported that disputes had increased over the operation of Valla type cranes and Spyder cranes being used by iron workers and painters installing curtain walls and window panels. Case No. 12 Construction Training Department Report Director of Construction Training Christopher Treml gave an overview of classes that will be available through the department in 2019, including both Trainer courses as well as courses for the General Membership. Director Treml reported there were 110 scheduled Hoisting and Portable training events to date with more being scheduled almost weekly. He also mentioned that the Hoisting and Portable Training Conference had been scheduled for July 16- 18 at the ITEC in Crosby, TX. Director Treml again reported on the new crane rule by issued by OSHA that went into effect November 10, 2018. Director Treml reported to the board that a team of subject matter experts drafted an operator evaluation sheet that can be used by the employers. He reported that this form can be made available to the training funds by contacting Director Treml. He reported that the operator evaluation period goes into full effect April 15, 2019. Director Treml reported to the Board that Leica Geosytems wants to become an industry partner with the IUOE by providing many components from their product line to the ITEC. Director Treml reported that Leica is willing to offer Train the Trainer classes at the ITEC for IUOE instructors. Director Treml also report on a new addition to the simulator room at the ITEC. He reported that CM Labs will be installing another lattice boom crane simulator which will be connected to the existing one. Director Treml reported that this will allow instructors to simulate two-crane lifts during membership crane training classes. Director Treml reported on mechanics training classes and that Caterpillar has donated two diesel engines to the ITEC for these classes. Director Treml reported that the two-year lease for the John Deere equipment through the National Training Fund will be coming to an end. Director Treml reported that as in the past these pieces will be made available to the local union training programs for purchase. Case No. 13 Stationary Department Report Director of Stationary Development Mark Maierle reported to the General Executive Board that the stationary department is following the approved strategic action plan to methodically build the capacity of the department. Director Maierle reported that a Stationary Steering Committee consisting of officer level business managers from stationary and mixed locals has been formed, and this committee met prior to the General Executive Board Meeting and affirmed the direction and tactical decisions of the stationary team. Director Maierle reported he is working closely with other IUOE departments on priority initiatives. He reported on numerous collaborative efforts underway as important for future success of the department and local unions. Director Maierle reported on priorities for the stationary team including enhancing stationary training at the International Training Center. Director Maierle reported on the stationary training symposium held in early March at the International Training Center. Director Maierle reported this event was attended by training directors and others from twenty stationary and mixed locals. He reported that the attendees discussed concerns and identified key areas for improvement. He reported that a Stationary Training Advisory Council is being established and that significant data and information gleaned from the symposium will guide the Advisory Council and the stationary team. Director Maierle reported on outreach work with Local 148. Director Maierle worked with North Central Organizing Director Matt Darnell and his team to focus Local 148 on organizing. Director Maierle reported he provided internal organizing training to staff and officers, and that coordinated efforts between Director Maierle and Matt Darnell are continuing. Director Maierle reported that the stationary team is gathering data that is needed to run the department, and to more effectively develop and direct resources to Local Unions. Case No. 14 Northeast Region Report Northeast Regional Director Alan Pero reported to the General Executive Board with an update on the employment status of the membership in the Region to the General Executive Board noting the Region will continue to experience an increase in employment opportunity during the forthcoming work season. Director Pero reported on the recent Service Contract Act workshop hosted by Local 95 in Pittsburgh. He thanked the General President, the Local Union for hosting the event, North- Central Director Todd Smart and North-Central Director of Organizing Matt Darnell. Brother Pero reported that the workshop provided in-depth review of the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act including enforcement of collective bargaining agreements, organizing under the act and a broad overview of opportunities in the Northeast Region. Director Pero thanked the Business Managers of the 12 locals who sent representatives to participate in the workshop along with the Special Projects and Initiatives Department for their informative presentations. Director Pero reported to the Board on his regional office’s recent participation in negotiating Local 25’s master collective bargaining agreement. He thanked International Representative John Stevens who joined the Local 25 administration and the Director in holding eighteen ratification meetings along the East Coast. Director Pero reported to the General Executive Board on the membership’s approval of the agreement. Director Pero reported that Ferreira Construction continues to gain market share in plastic fusion work as a result of the support the Company has received from IUOE Local 4. He reported that the Company has secured a five-year contract with Summit Natural Gas in Maine. The Director thanked Business Manager William McLaughlin along with Business Agent Robert Burr for their continued assistance in expanding Local 4’s market share. Director Pero reported on the forthcoming election cycle in the Northeast noting fourteen of the Local Unions in the Northeast will be holding nominations in the next few months. Director Pero provided reported with an update of the Regional Staff’s presentations on the International Training Registration System. Brother Pero reported that the Staff has been to many Local Union membership meetings throughout the Region providing an overview of the new International Training & Conference Center in Crosby, Texas. The Director thanked his staff for their dedication. Director Pero reported to the Board he recently hand delivered and presented to the membership of Local Union 463 a directive on behalf of General President Callahan. The directive informed the membership effective May 1 the Local Union would be merged into Local Union 17. A summary of the relevant information that was utilized and relied upon by the General President in issuing the directive was then provided to the General Executive Board. General Counsel Powers advised the Board that they would need to approve this merger in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article VI, Section 4 of the International Constitution. Accordingly, a motion was then made, seconded, and unanimously adopted to approve the decision of the General President to merge Local 463 into Local 17, with the effective date of the merger to be determined by the General President. Case No. 15 Canadian Region Report Canadian Regional Director Lionel Railton reported to the General Executive Board with an update on current national developments within the Region, starting with Federal political scene and the ongoing SNC Lavalin scandal, which has seen the expulsion of two Cabinet Ministers, from the Liberal caucus. Director Railton reported that the SNC affair is having a major impact on Liberals popularity and has given the opposition parties plenty of opportunity to take shots at the current government. Director Railton reported that on a positive note the Federal budget provided many labour friendly provisions, including enhanced apprenticeship and training supports, increased infrastructure spending, national pharmacare framework and the re-establishment of Employment Insurance appeal tribunals. He reported that the IUOE and the Canadian Building Trades are actively supporting a private members bill - C 344 Community Benefits Agreement for Federal Infrastructure Projects. Director Railton reported on the retirement of Robert Blakely as CEO of the Canadian Building Trades Union (hereinafter CBTU) and the appointment of Arlene Dunn to the position. He reported that CBTU’s annual legislative conference is scheduled for April 28th to May 3rd in Ottawa, Ontario, and will feature Prime Minister Trudeau and Labour Minister Patty Hadju among the keynote speakers. He reported 2019 is the 100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike and the IUOE is a major sponsor of the May 15th gala event. Director Railton reported with Local Union updates starting with Local 793, which is celebrating the Local’s 100th anniversary with a number of events which included the St. Patrick’s Parade in Toronto. Brother Railton reported that General President Callahan joined 497 Local 793 Members to march in the parade, and General Vice-President and Business Manager Mike Gallagher served as the parade’s General Marshall, a very proud moment for the Local. Brother Railton reported that Local 793 has successfully negotiated a first collective agreement with Baffinland Iron Mine, a new 900 employee bargaining unit employed at the Mary River mine site on Baffin Island in northern Canada. He reported that ratification votes will be conducted over a twenty-one-day period 28 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2019 29

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