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International Operating Engineer - Fall 2019

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Canadian News Red Seal

Canadian News Red Seal Chef Teaching Tricks of the Trade to Secondary Students Chad says he has taught 2,800 students since he started in Culinary Arts as a certified Red Seal chef. “Numerous students have succeeded both in the industry and elsewhere because of the lessons they learned here,” he said. one Culinary Arts course per term, spending three to four hours a week in the teaching cafeteria, others keenly take three, putting in 12 hours a week. But Culinary Arts - an elective course - isn’t just for aspiring Iron Chefs. “Most students come to learn to cook,” Chad explains, adding that many start as school cafeteria customers. “Generally, the response from kids who eat in the cafeteria is to say: ‘I want to take this course!’” Chad also points out Culinary Arts helps stxudents with special needs get a first job in the fast food industry because of what they learn. And every September, Chad sees many students who have previously taken Culinary Arts return again. “A lot take it again because they like it so much - it’s hands on practical - there’s always something tangible and there’s always more to learn,” he said. Chef Chad is a member of IUOE Local 963, who proudly represents school custodians, building engineers, supervision aides and cafeteria workers since 1945. IUOE represented staff plays an integral part of the Vancouver public-school system, they are the support system that keeps the schools running seamlessly so students are able to be in a quality learning environment. “The students get priceless information from my experiences. Some come back and see me and several students have gone pretty high in the culinary trade - maybe 100 or more.” Local 115 Building Stronger Communities in British Columbia WHEN CHEF CHAD STUART teaches his Culinary Arts program students at Vancouver Technical Secondary School each day, he brings a world of cooking experiences to them. That’s because Chad has travelled and cooked professionally in countries as different as Switzerland and Japan, as well as working in some of Vancouver’s top restaurants before joining Van Tech in 2001. “Even as a kid I wanted to be a chef,” Chad says. He attended culinary school at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), then worked overseas and in Banff in major hotel kitchens before returning to four-star Vancouver restaurants like Il Giardino and Bistro Pastis and then Van Tech. “I found it was an interesting opportunity to teach and share my knowledge - if I couldn’t teach, I wouldn’t be here,” he explains. “Public school is a gateway into your adult career, especially if you aren’t going to university. It’s about opening kids’ eyes to opportunities.” [above] Local 963 member Chef Chad Stuart with some of the 2,800 Culinary Arts he has taught in Vancouver schools. [article] IUOE Local 963 President Tim Chester “It’s basically a culinary school in a high school, where you learn things you’ll keep using forever. They learn what food is, how to shop for food, healthy eating habits and more.” That’s why while most students take Local 963 Board Ready to Serve [above] The Executive Board of Local 963 (Vancouver, BC) was sworn in at its General Membership meeting held September 7, 2019 by Local 882 Business Manager Adrian David (far right). (L to R] Tim Chester, President, Chad Stuart, Bruce Olson, Antoinette Cominetti, Harjit Khangura, Analida Leung, Livia Hisaoka, Herman Sheng, Paul Loeman, Business Manager Tim De Vivo, Adrian David. (not pictured: Yvette Menges) INVESTING IN TRAINING, bringing more women members onto worksites, and building ties with First Nations communities continue to be a high priority for Local 115 in British Columbia. This comes as the demand for skilled labour grows, especially for the upcoming large projects, like the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Canada LNG development. Local 115 plays a leadership role in these initiatives along with the new Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) model, which will help ensure that apprenticeship and equity employment targets are being met. Local 115 Business Manager and International Trustee Brian Cochrane said he’s proud of the way the union is facing the challenges of a skilled labour shortage. “Not just facing them,” Cochrane said, “but also helping to solve them with the support of our members and our industry partners.” Local 115 President Wayne Mills says he’s seeing stronger relations with [above] General President Callahan swears in members of the Local 115 Executive Board. First Nations communities develop as the demand for trained workers increases, including for LNG projects. “We have a lot of manpower, but we still need qualified people to fill positions,” Mills said. “We’re working a lot with the Gitxaala Nation right now and there’s a couple other First Nations that are watching to see what happens and then they will probably get onboard,” he said. CBAs already a success Local 115 Assistant Business Manger Josh Towsley said since the BC government announced the introduction of CBAs last year, the program is already starting to be incorporated into major projects. “So far we’ve been awarded the Highway One expansion from Kamloops to the Alberta border. The ...Continued from page 22 22 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2019 23

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