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International Operating Engineer - Fall 2018

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

Union Death Benefit

Union Death Benefit Benefits paid July - September, 2018 IUOE Code of Ethics Receives Review at the Ten Year Mark ON THE TENTH anniversary of the adoption of the IUOE Code of Ethics, the General Executive Board considered both the Code and the Operating Rules and Procedures for the Implementation and Enforcement of the Code, to determine whether any changes were warranted. No changes were made to the Code of Ethics. In consultation with IUOE Ethics Officer Joseph McCann, there were a number of changes made to the Operating Rules, effective December 1, 2018. These changes will streamline procedures, provides that complaints be filed in a timely fashion, and avoids duplicate proceedings arising from election protests, internal charges, or the filing of lawsuits relating to the cause or controversy that is the subject of an Ethics complaint. The General President will play a role in determining whether complaints have sufficient merit to warrant referral to the Ethics Officer. We are pleased that Joseph McCann, a principal in the law firm of Murray and McCann, will continue to serve as the Ethics Officer, a position that he has held since 2013. Mr. McCann is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and was the Chief Civil RICO Attorney for that office. He also has served with distinction as a monitor or ethics officer for several local unions. He is an attorney with impeccable integrity and knows the labor movement well. You can contact Mr. McCann at 100 Merrick Road, Ste 514W, Rockville Center, New York 11570 or his toll free number 1-866-380-3495. Complaints or inquiries concerning the Code of Ethics or Operating Rules can be made to the Ethics Officer or by writing General President Callahan at International Union of Operating Engineers, 1125 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington DC 20036. Complete copies of the Code of Ethics and the Operating Rules can be found at the IUOE website at As provided by Article VIII of the Code of Ethics, the Code does not include or encompass grievances by members that arise under collective bargaining agreements or to complaints or allegations arising from the IUOE Constitution or Local Union Bylaws, unless such grievances or complaints involve an allegation of conduct prohibited by the Code. The International looks forward to a continuation of the Code of Ethics as part of its commitment to the highest ethical standards. [above] IUOE Ethics Officer Joseph McCann JULY 2018 LOCAL 003 ALAMEDA, CA DAN F HEENEY ROBERT L DRAKE JOE VINGO WILLIAM H AKINS LEE BROWN HASTING L SCHMIDT KENNETH D CLYDE LARRY HUGHES HERBERT CANNON LOCAL 004 MEDWAY, MA WILLIAM T HOWELL BRIAN B SIMONELLI LEO L LOVELY ROBERT P DEPASQUALE CHARLES A MACKENZIE LOCAL 009 DENVER, CO JOE ARAGON ELMER D ROBBS LOCAL 012 PASADENA, CA J. T. HARRIS FRANK L. GARCIA LEROY H VOLLMER FRED R. REINHARDT JAMES D. CAMPBELL DONALD R. MC KINNEY WILLIAM A. SEAVER MANUEL D. SILVA, JR. WALTER M MICOZ UTAH C. BROWN P. S. PERRY RONAL C. WOODEN JOHN L. WALL DAVID D. BRANSON GENE BEATTIE PATRICK A. MCGUIRE LOCAL 015 LONG ISLAND CITY, NY JOHN R CETIN JOHN D GALLO VINCENT ALFISI LOCAL 018 CLEVELAND, OH GEORGE DOBRA RICHARD P HEFT JAMES W CRIPPS ERNEST SCHMELTZER BERNARD L MAERKISCH ROBERT DRAVIS ALBERT M CASTELLI ROGER BERNATH PAUL B SAUNDERS PAUL FISHER LORENCE K HALLOWELL LOCAL 025 MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, N FRANK MALTA LOCAL 037 BALTIMORE, MD ARTHUR MORRIS LOCAL 049 MINNEAPOLIS, MN ARTHUR VOCE VICTOR A WENZEL CHARLES M RATH ARNOLD KLEINSCHMIDT DON EGELKRAUT WAYNE WENZEL LOCAL 066 PITTSBURGH, PA RICHARD H CARLSON JOHN C THOMAS LOCAL 098 EAST LONGMEADOW, MA JOSEPH J ALIBOZEK LOCAL 101 KANSAS CITY, MO R T CAUTHON LOCAL 103 INDIANAPOLIS, IN RICHARD D STEINER LOCAL 115 BURNABY, BC RICHARD F SCHAFER ALEX TARANKO QUINTIN D DAVIDSON THOMAS F OWEN ART R ENGELMAN LAWRENCE H MCCUTCHEO SIEGFRIED REIDIES BRANKO MIHALJEVIC LAWRENCE RACINE GARY R HAWTHORNE JOHN N CUNNINGHAM LOCAL 132 CHARLESTON, WV JEEMS E CASTO LOCAL 137 BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY EDWARD A LUCAS LOCAL 138 FARMINGDALE, NY ROBERT BLAKE LOCAL 139 PEWAUKEE, WI JERRY L DULL CHARLES G PAQUETTE JOHN H BYRNE LOCAL 148 SAINT LOUIS, MO GLENN F EGGEMEYER FLOYD W HILL ALFRED J ELAM LOCAL 150 COUNTRYSIDE, IL GERALD J GREENAWALT WILLIAM F SWEENEY ORVILLE G RITTMER RICHARD L GILLILAND DARREL R SCHLOTTERBE WALTER W WINKEL LOCAL 158 GLENMONT, NY WILLIAM C TRUMBLE LOCAL 181 HENDERSON, KY ARLIE R ROSS OTIS KEOWN JR. GEORGE W JOLLY LOCAL 286 AUBURN, WA WALTER COOK LOCAL 302 BOTHELL, WA JOHN W ASHCROFT LEROY FOSNESS DOUGLAS J LATHROP LEROY R HAUSER PETER M MOODY LYLE D TOSO LOCAL 317 OAK CREEK, WI JOY SCHUMACHER LOCAL 324 BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, KENNETH C GRINDLING ARTHUR J DEGRAND RICHARD E VANFOSSEN ARTHUR G MARTIN ARTHUR L MILLER ELI M LUX GARRY R LA JOYE BURNETT LILLARD ROBERT F HALL TERRY G SHAUGHNESSY HARRY D SUNDMAN LOCAL 347 HARVEY H HERN LOCAL 351 BORGER, TX E T DACUS BILLY R THOMAS LOCAL 382 BUEL SWAIM LOCAL 399 CHICAGO, IL EDWARD PRANGE JOHN C PETERSON MICHAEL REILLY MANUAL H JURMAN LOCAL 400 HELENA, MT JEROME H FRIEDSAM RICHARD C DANIELS LOCAL 406 NEW ORLEANS, LA BOBBY R HANO LOCAL 407 LAKE CHARLES, LA J C FRANKS LOCAL 428 PHOENIX, AZ DONALD G HEIGLE JULIAN K SCHOENFELD LOCAL 474 POOLER, GA JOYCE A SHARPE LOCAL 478 HAMDEN, CT HERBERT HARRIOTT JR LOCAL 513 BRIDGETON, MO LARRY PRINSTER BOB J SEABAUGH RUSSELL W MOORE CHARLES D HENDRIX LOCAL 542 FORT WASHINGTON, PA ROBERT J DALY JR FRED D FISHER LOCAL 571 OMAHA, NE ABE VANROEKEL LOCAL 612 TACOMA, WA EMIL VALENTA LOCAL 649 PEORIA, IL DOUGLAS G BROOKS CHARLES H MAAS LOCAL 653 MOBILE, AL ROBERT D MITCHELL LOCAL 701 GLADSTONE, OR KEITH HARRISON LOCAL 793 OAKVILLE, ON LARRY D GREEN LOCAL 825 SPRINGFIELD, NJ JOSEPH MCCABE LOCAL 832 ROCHESTER, NY 24 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2018 24 25 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2018 25

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