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International Operating Engineer - Fall 2018

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers

Canadian News Helmets to

Canadian News Helmets to Hardhats Helps Another Soldier Find a Placement with the Operating Engineers MATTHEW MAGINNIS SPOKE at the special e-board meeting on September 22, 2018, as the IUOE Local 793 area delegate for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was initiated into Local 793 Ontario in February 2016 and came to the union through the Helmets to Hardhats Canada® (H2H) program. H2H provides opportunities for anyone who has served (or is currently serving) in the Canadian Forces to get the required apprenticeship training to achieve journey person status in trades within the building and construction industry. Local 793 Ontario is a proud supporter of the H2H program which also offers seminars and career workshops to provide an easier transition to civilian life. Maginnis retired from the military in 2015 after nine years of service. He wanted to be a mechanic and work on truck and coach and tractor trailers. The owner of the garage was slow to want to sign him up as an apprentice. Maginnis found it hard to find someone willing to invest the time and money to bring his skills up to the standards required. In the summer of 2015, Maginnis spoke with his wife’s friend’s father, member Dennis LaRiviere. He told Maginnis of the many benefits of belonging to Local 793 Ontario. That your rights as an employee are respected, how safety is key in the work environment, and that people on the union job site are treated with professionalism and respect. The conversation re-sparked Maginnis’ interest in getting into a trade where his work would have value. He enrolled in the H2H program in August 2015 and was initiated into Local 793 Ontario in February 2016. “As soon as I signed up with Local 793 it was almost instantaneous that I was in an apprenticeship program,” Maginnis commented. Currently working for ALL Canada Crane, Maginnis is a 339A mobile crane operator apprentice under brother Mike LaPierre and previously apprenticed under brother Rob Rybarczyk. Maginnis likes the on-site learning experience and exposure to different pieces of equipment. He is working on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) expansion project with Metrolinx across Eglinton Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Mike LaPierre is a 22-year Local 793 Ontario member and a 30-year employee with ALL Canada Crane. Maginnis says that he likes the structured aspects of the work and the training and that it reminds him of the military. “I show up early. I’m half an hour early than I’m asked to be there,” he said. And this dedication translates into an affinity with the union as a family and his chosen career. He is truly a brother. “When I joined 793, I thought ‘this is my last placement,’” he says. “I felt at home and comfortable with my job and surroundings. When I close that book as a union member, I’ll be settled. Local 793 is my forever until retirement.” [opposite page] Local 793 member and mobile crane apprentice Matthew Maginnis and Local 793 member Mike LaPierre working for ALL Canada Crane. They are operating a TCC-1100 110-ton Link-Belt Crane for Metrolinx on the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in Toronto, Ontario. [left] Matthew Maginnis speaking at IUOE Local 793 special e-board meeting on September 22, 2018, as the Toronto area delegate. [article & photos] Kathryn Peet and Danny Celia, Local 793 20 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2018 21

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