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International Operating Engineer - Fall 2015

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The quarterly magazine of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Education & Training Job

Education & Training Job Corps Expands Opportunities in Wyoming Wind River facility first to specialize in energy field THE IUOE National Training Fund Job Corps Program (IUOE Job Corps) has expanded their opportunity to recruit and train interested candidates in the field of heavy equipment operations and heavy equipment mechanics at the new Wind River Job Corps facility located in Riverton, Wyoming. Under the jurisdiction of IUOE Local 800, the program will offer two heavy equipment operator classes and one heavy equipment mechanic class. The program is open not only to Wyoming residents, but surrounding states as well. The IUOE Job Corps is a federally funded program that offers pre-apprenticeship training to students between the ages of 16 and 24, who desire to pursue a career in the construction field. The Wind River facility is not the only Job Corps training center in the state, but is unique in that all the training offered there has been designed around the growing energy industry. In addition to offering the IUOE heavy equipment and mechanics programs, the center will include the first-of-itskind petroleum technician training, construction welding, carpentry, electrical and heavy truck driving. Kevin Miskelly, IUOE Job Corps National Director, was excited to speak about the thirteen new pieces of heavy equipment that were acquired at the start of the program. The equipment was purchased from various manufactures, including John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, Hamm and JCB. Miskelly is quick to point out that “having such a wide range of equipment offers students a good base to serve a pre-apprenticeship as they seek entry into local apprenticeship programs.” The mechanics shop is also very well equipped with modern tooling and a 20 ton gantry crane to train entry level mechanics. The IUOE NTF Job Corps Program at Wind River began to accept students in late October, with the first class looking to graduate early in the summer of 2016. If you are interested in employing one of the graduates as a direct entry apprentice, or are looking to refer a candidate to this program, the IUOE Job Corps contact information can be found on the IUOE web site at www.iuoe.org TOPCON GPS Training Keeps Instructors on Cutting Edge of Technology TO KEEP IUOE instructors at the top of their game with the latest GPS equipment training and technology, the IUOE National Training Fund hosted a multi-day GPS Tran-the- Trainer course in August at TOPCON’s headquarters in Livermore, California. The course provided valuable training tools, materials and updates to GPS equipment that IUOE instructors can take back to their local union training programs. A dozen IUOE instructors from seven locals around the country participated in the course. [L to R] 1st Row: Gregg Strede L478, Kelly Roblee L17, Rich Rose L12, Brad Walker L649 2nd Row: Jason Smoot L12, Jay Turner L12, John Leeman L158, Todd Shreves L649 3rd Row: Bob Kahl L66, Ken Bork L139, Joe Morris L12, Keith Aker L12, John Dice TOPCON Instructor HAZMAT Building Competency in the OSHA Trench, Excavation and Soil Mechanics Class TWENTY-NINE INSTRUCTORS from 23 IUOE Local Union Apprenticeship and IUOE Job Corps Training Programs attended the Trench Safety course in Beckley, West Virginia from September 15- 17, 2015. Instruction and discussion topics covered: trench and excavation associated hazards and safety issues, requirements for sloping and benching for different soil classifications, protective system requirements, trench box design, tabulated data, inspection, and the requirements and responsibilities of an Excavation Competent Person. Hands-on activities included installing hydraulic shoring, operating two different manufacturers’ quickdisconnect attachment systems (Caterpillar & John Deere), identifying and verifying different trench configurations by referencing the OSHA Excavation Standard, and demonstrating methods of soil testing using a penetrometer, shearvane, and thumb and plasticity tests. Each student was provided the opportunity to demonstrate a soil textural classification, also known as an olive jar test. The test involved using a sieve and catch pan to fine grade soil, make the required soil mixture and place into an olive jar, shake and spin the jar, then let the mixture settle, mark the layers, and record the measurements to determine the percentage of silt, sand and clay using the USDA Textural Classification chart. 6 INTERNATIONAL OPERATING ENGINEER FALL 2015 7

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